*Faith is, ‘To believe what you do not see’, the reward of which is, ‘you see what you believed.

* At times we may not know where God is, but we can be confident that He knows where we are.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Shades of Red

Thousands bowed down in reverence to the orange robed saint. His gentle demeanour, healing touch to the needy, wise words to the seeker made him a very sought after figure. The orange he wore was an embodiment of his saintly nature. It showcased the fact that he had conquered anger, envy, greed, attachment, ego (Kam, krodh, lobh, moh....)
However, he knew that he always felt a twinge for another kind of orange.....the orange ambrosia. And just to overcome the longing, he would go into reclusion during the summer months. Not meeting anyone, not eating anything. For 2-3 months in a year he would be in total meditation. What was called "aam"(common) by everyone, was "khaas"(special) for the saint. He wanted to abstain from feeling a longing for the delicious orange nectarine fruit (mango).
Chocolate pieces, jaggery filled coconut barfi, a big mug of steaming coffee, brown smears of a cookie on my face, and a brown furball of a puppy on my lap.......brown is the colour of happiness.
"Now would that be Candy Apple, Fire Brick, Lava, Venetian, Blood, Rossa Corsa, Vermillion, Carmelian, Fire Engine?"
"Errr....its red"
"MR. Claus, I'm asking you which shade would it be. they're all RED" snapped the salesman.
Santa was feeling lost. He wondered why he'd come shopping alone for his suit. Wifey dear would know exactly which shade of red it was.
"Ohhh OK, make it Rossa Corsa" ventured Santa cautiously.
He hoped that people would not notice the difference (if at all), or else the whole world would go into a tizzy on how Santa had broken the tradition by changing his dress colour. "Why oh why have things become so complicated, why is red not red, but so many other words? And has colour and style over shadowed the spirit of Christmas" thought Santa.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


An expanse of verdant green...rolling into a hill. Pretty cotton wool clouds are floating in the sky. Far away there is a cute cottage with a fence running around it. The fence is covered with wonderful smelling rose bushes. A German stands there, wagging its tail. Beside him stands a girl with a sweet, smiling face. There is a gentle breeze, and her pony tails flaps in the wind. ...No, let me erase that, she wears her hair in a pait - yes, with a big ribbon.

That girl is me....I look up at the sky, and lo behold there is a rinbow on the horizon. A rainbow with profusion of colours - red, green, violet, blue, orange. No I change some of the colours into maroon and pink.

Colours - what are they but mere names, filled out by my imagination. I have many images running through my mind - people call them dreams.

You see I am blind - I cannot see without, but can dream within.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

Drat, the figures just don’t tie up.........
Tie – I need to buy one for Bobby’s birthday gift. Have to think of a colour
Will Obama look nice with a blonde coloured hair?
Is he equipped to tackle the economic meltdown?
My waist need a meltdown – don’t want all that gajar halwa, peanut jaggery bar showing themselves so ostensibly
Hey, I think there’s gajar halwa in today’s lunch menu

Boss: Nandini, you’ve been staring at those reconciliation figures for more than ten minutes. Take a break – get your mind off for a while. Let random thoughts flow in, and then get back to attacking that problem.

Me: Sure, let me go check out today’s lunch menu.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Coffee time tale

The other day I had gone to the market for the usual weekly shopping. There was no hurry, and since the weather was (strangely) good, I decided to stroll leisurelyand do some window shopping. My purpose of course was to kid myself into thinking that I was exercising enough (you know that leisurely stroll being mapped as “serious walking” in my brain), and I would rightfully earn the big chocolate muffin and cold coffee I was planning to have at the Café Coffee Day (situated atthe end of the road).

Suddenly one of those huge prosperous looking cars drew up alongside the pavement, and one of those “Sethji” looking guys stepped out. Even though, the chauffer had skillfully parked the car, the parking ticket walla emerged from one of the nondescript stalls, and started waving his arms. All this to suggest that he had helped in getting the chauffer to park the car properly. I am sure he was hoping for a little tip from “Sethji” once he got back to the car. Seth ji in the meanwhile, had already walked on towards the shops, oblivious to the parking walla’s gestures. Suddenly I saw Chottu, the cobbler boy, running towards Seth ji, and incoherently shouting out something. He was holding out a smart, black wallet in his hand. I stood by to watch the tamasha.

Chottu was tingling with excitement by the time he reached Sethji. Ohh, I thought, Chottu was anticipating a big tip while returning Sethji his dropped wallet. Chottu’s sharp eyes had helped him today.
Sethji took his wallet rather matter of factly from Chottu (probably he was used a retinue of servants handing him back his dropped things). He then held out a Rs20 note for Chottu.

Chottu: Sir, mujhe kafi de do
Sethji: Kya Rs20 kafi nahin?
Chottu took the Rs20 note, and then pointed to Café Coffee Day and said “Kafi”…..”thanda kafi”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wish Me

Yippee another new number to live in……

Ok guys here’s a quiz for you -
The number I am turning into is the reverse of the year I was born in, and if you add the 2 numbers, you will get a decade. :-) :-)

Got it???....well go figure, while I prepare to indulge in whole lot of goodies. After all I read somewhere that “Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake”

What now?

You still haven’t got the number……Ohhh Okie – you wish me for my birthday (I do need all your good wishes to enjoy my nice new number), and I’ll give you the answer to the quiz.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nandinism flourish

Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases and names. As of 2009, the site contains over four million definitions. Submissions are regulated by volunteer editors and rated by site visitors, who tend to be youths rather than adults. Time magazine's Anita Hamilton placed Urban Dictionary on her 50 best websites of 2008 list

Nandinism has been induced in Urban Dictionary. Have sent in a few of my own words, and some have been published, others not.
Have a read, and see if you like them, identify with them, disapprove of them or find them entertaining………….

Excitoning - While talking on the phone, getting the tone of your voice to sound excited when the person you are talking to is narrating something interesting in his or her life.
Example -
A; Do you realize you were on the phone for the last half hour
B: Yeah, my son was talking about his football match and I was excitoning wih him.

Staretch - A long stare, seeming to stretch on and on.
(Not published)
Example –
Jenny: Why do you have a frown on your face?
Alice: Look at the bloke in the next cubicle, he has been looking at me for the last 5 minutes, without even blinking.
Jenny: Ohh thats Roger, he's famous in the office for staretching at new people.

Coffee h2h - Having a heart to heart (h2h) conversation with your colleague during a coffee break, while at work.
Example -
A: "Susan, where have you been? The boss has been calling you"
Susan: "I was having a Coffee h2h with B"
A: "Huh?"
Susan: "Ohh a heart to heart conversation during the coffee break"

St In T - Means "stuck in Traffic"
(Not published)
Example -
A: "Hello, where are you? Been waiting for quite a while now"
B: "I am StInT"
A" "What?"
B: "Ohh I am stuck in traffic"

Wow Woo Vow - Getting enamored (Wow), Wooing the person and getting married (Vow) n a jiffy. A whirlwind romance culminating in marriage in a very short time.
Example -
A: "I got Jack and Jill's wedding card. Didnt know they were going around."
B: "Its a case of Wow Woo Vow. She wowed him during the Halloween party, he wooed her all through Thanksgiving, and now they will take the Vow by Christmas."

Dragonire - Extremely angry. So angry that smoke seems to be bellowing out of his/her nostrils (like a dragon)
(Not published)
Example -
Me: "Hello. Sis, I broke Mom's favourite vase. Has she discovered it? Is it safe to come home now?"
Sis: "You better stay out real late. Mom's seen it and is now in a state of dragonire"

Coffee Gulush - Having your morning coffee while on the fly. Just gulp the coffee and rush out.
(Not published)
Example – My wife makes the perfect coffee gulush in the morning. The coffee temperature and quantity is just right. I rush out of the bedroom, gulp the coffee and rush out to catch the 7.10 bus

Monday, October 19, 2009


I knew recession was all around us when I was informed that the light at the end of the tunnel was being switched off…. My guardian angel told me this. She also wanted to shift in with me for a while, since recession ensured that “good luck” had become scarce, and heaven couldn’t afford to accommodate the “good luck” carriers.
I figured since she’d helped me in the past, I wouldn’t let my sense of gratitude be victimized by the big R. And even though it meant that both of us would have to tighten our belts, it was OK……With the R haze all around, I had considerably lessened the cake, ice cream, cheese and mushrooms, chocolate mouse and adopted the bread, milk, potato and cabbage routine. My paunch was flattening out – the belt tightening was but natural.
The other day I went to see this blue blooded friend of mine, since she had just delivered a baby. I was shocked to see a white metal spoon in the baby’s mouth instead of a silver spoon. Ohh gee, I tell you, what recession can do.

But this one takes the cake (oops should it read as bread???) –
During our weekly departmental meeting with the boss, he started in his usual fiery style by announcing “The company needs change”
“Pathetic” I thought, as I emptied out my pockets and placed on the table the few coins I had. The company was paying us peanuts, and to top it all they wanted our coins.
The glare my boss gave literally scorched me. Well, well looks like the boss’s mean streak had not diminished due to recession.
I guess some things never change even when R is on prowl. Sigh !!!!